Accessories and replacements

The retractable insect screen is a fundamental asset nowadays to fully enjoy the peace of your home and garden.

If during time it requires some care, please contact us.

You can buy our original spare parts and keep your insect screen like new over the years.

Plastic Replacement parts and accessories

Plastic accessories and all spare parts required to repair your insect screen without replacing it are available.

We offer a large range of components: closing caps, cords, handles and brushes.

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Aluminum replacements parts

Aluminum guides for doors and windows with pre-installed brushes.

Assortment of colors guaranteed.

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Mechanical replacement parts

You can purchase mechanical spare parts to make sure your insect screen is always at its best.

Spring with relevant head installed available for all our models.

Speed reduction mechanism to slow down the retraction.

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Assembly kit

Complete sets of accessories to install our insect screens.

Magnetic kits for doors, frontal fixing kit, and other solutions.

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Replacement screens

Replacement screens for vertical and horizontal insect screens, supplied with top and bottom heat-sealed gaskets, ready to install in the existing frame.

Many sizes available.

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